Hi there, I’m Anand Vadaje

I’m a Computer Science Graduate Student from Binghamton, NY. Currently seeking for job opportunities where I am able to apply my knowledge and assisting with organizational needs through practical experiences. Below is the brief summary of my resume which describes my educational background and also practical experiences during my course.


Binghamton Univerity (SUNY), NY

Master’s in Computer Science
May 2016

Visvesvaraya Technological University, India

Bachelor’s in Computer Science
June 2014

Maharashtra State Board (HSC), India

11th & 12th Grade
April 2010

Maharashtra State Board (SSC), India

10th Grade
April 2008

Work Experience

Binghamton University (SUNY), NY

Graduate Assistant – Web Developer & Office Manager

Binghamton University (SUNY), NY

Student Assistant – IT Consultant

A few of my skills

I’m an enthusiastic and versatile Computer Science Student with experience in JAVA, C programming, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PL/SQL, PHP and many more and with all this I am very much interested in software development.

C Programming

Computer Science Experience

  • Implementation of Information Retrieval System
    • Designed and implemented an application using JAVA for given collection of xml/html files for retrieving search results for a particular keyword using the Query Likelihood Ranking language model.
    • It included three different phases,
      (i) Parsing the document collection and indexing terms after stemming,
      (ii) Index and dictionary creation for the search engine,
      (iii) Search engine implementation using Query likelihood Ranking.
  • Retail Business Management System
    • This project was developed using Oracle’s PL/SQL, JAVA and JDBC to implement the Retail Business Management System application.
    • Initially, the entity relationship schema diagram was developed and transformed into relational model schema for the given data and constraints.
    • Table normalization was carried out on the relational model schema
    • Further, an interactive and menu-driven interface was implemented using Java and JDBC
    • Application tools used: Eclipse
    • Database – Oracle 11g express edition
  • Implementation of Secure Virtual Election Booth
    • Implemented an application to provide a secure way for users to vote online using JAVA.
    • The connections between client and servers were secured using RSA Algorithm.
    • The servers were programmed to handle more then one connection at a time.
    • Project involved providing digital signature, confidentiality and elimination of replay attack.
  • Implementation of Snake Game
    • Developed and implemented the typical snake game which can be played on any web browser using the keyboard as input.
    • The canvas feature of HTML5 was used mainly to deploy the game and local browser storage feature was used for scoring current and top scorer.
    • It is live in www.anandvadaje.com/snake_game
    • Languages Used: Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS
  • A Smartphone Application for College Campus
    • Created an android application program using core JAVA and PHP
    • It can be utilized to send notifications of college specific information to students using the application and can also be used for various college specific purposes.
  • Implementation of Data Structures and Algorithms
    • Implemented various data structures such as Linked List, Double Linked List, Stack, Queue, Vectors, Binary Trees, Avl Trees and Heap to solve algorithmic problems to develop good programming and thinking skills.
    • Programming Language: C
    • Tools Used: Valgrind, Data Display Debugger, GDB Debugger
  • Implemented a search engine and tracking script for the website www.gsobinghamton.org
    • Created a search engine with the help of API’s from SWIFTYPE.
    • Supports custom result ranking, autocomplete, synonyms facets and real-time indexing.
    • Implemented the tracking code with the help of API’s from Google analytics to analyze visitor traffic.
    • It also tracks the routes through which the users reach the website.
  • Implemented Google Apps for work with the domain www.anandvadaje.net
    • Understood and implemented the functioning of the Google Apps for Work with domain for the usage of email communication, drive storage and various other apps provided by Google Apps.
    • Learnt the functioning of the administrative functions for creation/deletion of users and organizing the services within the domain.


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