Anand Vadaje

Software Engineer II

Anand Vadaje
I am a strong conceptual thinker who has a keen interest in computer science, and who would love to join a team of like minded developers. I have much experience of creating logical and innovative solutions to complex problems. I posses the enthusiasm and commitment to learn and develop my career with in a fast paced and growing business. I have a good understanding of programming and can come up with plenty of innovative ideas and possesses superb communication skills.

Work Experience

Software Engineer II - Walmart Inc. Bentonville, AR (2018 - Present)

Software Engineer - Universal Instruments Corp. Conklin, NY (2016 - 2018)

  • Optimized production time by 43% by developing work order reporting tool for pre-production analysis using C#, HTML5, MS SQL and RESTful Web Services, providing customers with exact material count for jobs.
  • Enabled customers to locate inventory materials for new jobs over 50% faster through incorporating barcode print into analysis reports to support inventory search using C#, MS SQL, and HTML5.
  • Debugged and solved 10 critical issues from 2 year backlog which reduced customer support requests by 38%.
  • Engineered launching tool for all UIC software used in factory environments with C# and MS SQL, enabling operators to work more efficiently and save > 10% of total time needed to set up jobs or work orders.
  • Implemented operator traceability for product validation on UIC machines utilizing C# and MS SQL, assisting customers in tracing issues while reducing overall production time by over 20%.
  • Grew total software sales by 5% ($150,000) by upgrading software compatibility to use Microsoft Server 2016 operating system and MS SQL 2016 relational database.
  • Migrated 3 major codebases (18+ million lines) from IBM Rational Clearcase to Atlassian Bitbucket, improving performance of sourcecontrol tasks by 4X while saving company over $35,000 annually.
  • Optimized project builds and packaging script utilizing Atlassian Bamboo and Batch Scripting which reduced build times by 75% while saving ~6% it total project time.
  • Created connection module for High Speed Wafer project using C#, .NET and PostgreSQL to handle centralized data for all factory devices, enabling customers to have 50% less operators.
  • Constructed debug file uploading tool that uploads up to 1.5GB of UIC files to AWS 3x faster than standard FTP process, saving engineers >20% of time onsite with customers.
  • Organized and led internal workshops to train 30+ employees to use company software and machinery.

Web Developer - Binghamton University Binghamton, NY (2015 - 2016)

  • Developed an informational website and online discussion forum using Wordpress and Vanilla Forums which served more than 3000 graduate students and increasing awareness about the office to more than 90% of the student population.
  • Designed and built email templates for weekly newsletters using HTML, CSS and Mailchimp, increasing responses by 42%.

IT Consultant - Binghamton University Binghamton, NY (2015 - 2016)

  • Responsible for giving technical support to the end users at the Information Commons center in the University.
  • Manage the Information commons department of the library.
  • Ensure smooth working of the computer system and network and provide solution whenever required


Dental Clinic Management System Software Engineer 2016

  • Platform for local dentist office to simplify daily working of small scale medical clinics by automating secretarial work.
  • Designed Windows application using C#, .NET and MySQL to handle patient information, medicine dictionary, patient history and automate prescription editing, reducing manual labour by 60% and patient time by 40%.

Information Retrieval System Developer 2015

  • Lightweight search engine for XML/HTML files using Query Likelihood Ranking Model, achieving top 5% ranking in class.
  • Implemented Windows search engine application for given collection of XML/HTML files which tokenized over 1000 files into 100,000 words in 35 seconds and showed search results within 2 seconds using C# and .NET.
  • Wrote 10+ test cases input using C# and .NET, resulting in 90% of code coverage of entire application system.

Retail Business Management System Team Lead 2015

  • Software which simplifies and implements real time inventory tracking for a business.
  • Developed an application using Java and Oracle 11g which keeps real time tracking of the inventory and gives a list of low quantity products beforehand
  • This reduces the chances of going out of stock by 92% and also reduces the work force by 85% for inventory tracking
  • Facilitated scrum agile development methodology by leading standups and managing the Git workflow.

University Notification System Developer 2014

  • System which can be used by university to send out specific information to the students.
  • Developed an android application for students to receive notifications and a windows application using C# .NET for teachers to send important updates
  • The PHP server and the MySQL database were deployed on the college domain so that the application could be used from anywhere with internet access.
  • This system reduced the time needed for the university message awareness process to 2 minutes and ensured message delivery to 99% of the recipients.

Secure Virtual Election Booth Developer 2015

  • Secure multithreaded client-server software which can be used for voting in elections
  • Developed and implemented the client-server application using Java which secured the connection using RSA Algorithm, identified users using digital signature and handled multiple client users by multithreaded servers.

Snake Game Developer 2015

  • Basic Snake Game on the web browser which can be played by using the keyboard inputs and it keeps track of the highest score per session.
  • Developed using HTML5, CSS and Javascript in which the canvas acts as the main game board and the local browser storage is used to keep track of the highest score